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We are also a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization striving for advancements in renewable energy.


As the first team founded and organized in New York City, we proudly represent the state of New York in all of our involvements and achievements. Led by dedicated high schoolers, our team works tirelessly year-round to put a raceable solar car onto the road each year.


Our Mechanical, Electrical, Programming, and Business divisions work collaboratively to ensure that all aspects of our team are properly managed. With the guidance of our knowledgeable advisers, we apply previously acquired knowledge and skills to design, plan, and build.


Following the completion of the solar car, we undergo a series of test-driving procedures to ensure safety and record data with our advanced telemetry system.


Hey there!

We are the Green Technology Club, as well as the Staten Island Solar Car Team!


Our Team & Project Manager, Charles W. Dazzo, has led the club for nearly an entire decade. 


Located and based in Staten Island, NY, at the prestigious Staten Island Technical High School, our Solar Car Team is comprised of both students and teachers who are fascinated with green technology and its potential applications. As our team continues to expand and advance with experience, we constantly push ourselves to improve.


At the moment, we are in the process of designing and building a new solar car.


... is an annual race event in which teams of high school students build, design, and race road- worthy vehicles running on solar energy. Currently over 200 teams throughout thirty-eight US states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas have ongoing solar car projects, twenty-one of which participated in the 2021 race event at the Texas Motor Speedway.

As of the 2021 Solar Car Challenge, the Staten Island Solar Car Team has participated in the race event for a total of eleven years, racing in the Advanced Division for the past decade. We continue to compete every year!




Participated in the Solar Car Challenge as the Tottenville High School Solar Pirates, driving the team’s first car, nicknamed the “Green Pirate.”


Designed and built a brand new car, named “High Energy #5,” which the team has continually revised and driven until the 2021 Solar Car Challenge.


Our Goals For The Future

  • ​Win first place in our racing division

  • Gain real-world skills through hands-on experience

  • Educate students on the development of the physical and technological aspects of building a solar vehicle

  • Purchase new battery packs, solar arrays, and carbon fiber composite shells to construct a new solar car for racing in 2022

  • Publicize our sponsors through various outlets and give back with the proper benefits

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